2 Methods to Search for Specific Words in Sender’s Name in Outlook Rule

Outlook doesn’t have a direct rule condition that allows us to search specific words in the sender’s name. So this article will teach you 2 workarounds to achieve “with specific words in sender’s name” in Outlook rule.

When you try to create an Outlook rule that needs to specify the senders, you will find that only “with specific words in the sender’s address” is available, shown as the following screenshot:

Outlook Rule: with specific words in sender's address

This Outlook rule condition points to the sender’s SMTP email address instead of sender’s name. Actually, there are many emails, whose senders’ addresses are totally same, but their actual display names are different. In such a case, the “with specific words in the sender’s address” rule condition will be useless. So in response to this issue, here are 2 methods to realize searching words in sender’s name.

Method 1: Use “From People or Public Group”

  1. Firstly, you should access the “Rule Wizard” dialog box.
  2. Then select “from people or public group” in the Step 1: Select condition(s).from people or public group
  3. Next click on the “people or public group” in the Step 2. And then in the new dialog box of “Rule Address”, you can find “From ->” field at bottom. Now you should type the sender’s name in this field, like the picture below:Type specific words in From field of Rule Address

Note: To specify multiple words, you can use a semi-colon to connect, like “test; example; outlook;”

  1. After that, click “OK” button. And Outlook will auto start to check names. In the latter dialog box of “Check Names”, click “Cancel” button directly.Cancel Check Names
  2. Finally you can proceed to finish the rule as usual. And the rule will look for the specific words in the sender’s display name, not the email address.

Method 2: Use “With Specific Words in Message Header”

  1. At the outset, get to “Rule Wizard” screen and choose “with specific words in the message header”.with specific words in the message header
  2. And then hit “specific words” link the Step 2 box.
  3. Next in the new small dialog box of “Search Text”, type the specific words in the search field and click “Add” button to add them to the search list.Search Text


  • The specific words you type for the “with specific words in the message header” are case sensitive.
  • Since that the message header contains not only the sender’s name but also other info, you have to combine more words, rule conditions and exceptions. Otherwise, the rule will work on your undesired items.
  1. After that, click “OK” and continue completing the rule as normal.

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