Outlook Data Recovery

How to Batch Extract the Texts of All Tables in an Outlook Email

It is easy to convert a table to text, extracting the texts of a table. However, if you want to extract the texts of all tables in one go, you can use the way introduced in this post. In my previous article “How to Convert Between Text and Table in Outlook Messages”, you can learn the standard way to convert a table to text. There is no denying that it is simple. Nevertheless, if a mail contains multiple tables and you wish to convert all of them to text, using that way is a bit...

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How to Quickly Export All Tables in an Outlook Email as Pictures

Some users would like to extract the tables in an email and save them as pictures in a Windows folder. Obviously, Outlook doesn’t have such a function. But it still can be realized by means of VBA code. This article will show the details. If you want to extract the tables of an Outlook email and recycle them, you could export and store them as pictures on a local drive. Yet, there is not such a native function in Outlook. Therefore, if you want to achieve it, you can use the following way,...

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How Often Should You Verify Data Backups?

So as to ensure that data backups are effective, it is highly recommended to test and verify data backups at a regular interval. Many users are confused about how often they should test data backups. This article will discuss about this issue in detail. When it comes to making efforts to avoid data loss, undoubtedly, one of the most effective solutions is to make periodical data backups. In this way, the future data recovery will be pretty simple. For instance, when a PST file gets...

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