5 Universal Means to Fix Common Outlook Errors

Provided you’ve utilized Outlook for decades, you must have come across a variety of errors. This article will teach you 5 universal methods to solve those common Outlook errors.

I have applied Outlook as both an email client and a schedule manager for a long time. Thus I won’t feel flustered whenever I meet errors, owing to the fact that I have concluded 5 effectual and common solutions.

1. Create a New Outlook Profile

In general, a corrupt Outlook profile will result in various errors. Thus when you encounter an error, the first means you could try is to delete the original Outlook profile and create a new one.

  1. For a start, close Outlook and go to “Start Menu”.
  2. Then enter “Control Panel”, in which click on “Mail” applet.
  3. In the new popup dialog, hit “Show Profiles” button,Create a New Outlook Profile
  4. Next in the subsequent screen, you can click “Remove” button to delete the old profile. And click “Add” to create a new one.
  5. After creating a new profile, you can restart Outlook and try to open the old data file. If the error persists, you can turn to the following ways.

2. Disable Your Antivirus Software Scanner

In addition, antivirus software may lead to a host of send/receive Outlook errors due to the fact that it will scan all the email delivery. In this process, Outlook may be misbehaving. Therefore, if you meet an error when you clicking send/receive button, you should consider disabling the antivirus scanner add-ins.

  1. Go to “File” menu and choose “Options”.
  2. Then in “Outlook Options”, switch to “add-ins” tab.Disable Your Antivirus Software Scanner
  3. Click “Go” button. In the popup dialog, select the target antivirus scanner add-in and click “Remove” button to disable it.
  4. Finally click several “OK” to back to Home page and check if the error is fixed. If not, fall back on other methods.

3. Start Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Harmful Add-ins

Sometimes, a third party program will install a plugin in Outlook automatically. If unfortunately, it is the add-in that harms the whole performance of Outlook, Hence, we have to verify whether any add-ins is to blame.

  1. At the outset, close Outlook and go to “Start Menu”.
  2. Then enter “outlook.exe /safe” in the search field. And click on the shown program to launch Outlook in start mode.Start Outlook in Safe Mode
  3. Next go to “File” > “Options” > “add-ins”, and click “Go” button.
  4. In the new dialog, disable one add-in at a time and restart Outlook to verify if it works well. If the error disappears, the disabled add-in is the criminal. But if it still exists, repeat the above operations until find out the faulty add-ins.

4. Check Your Outlook Data File via Scanpst.exe

Apart from the above common methods, Scanpst.exe is also a universal tool. It can scan and check Your Outlook File. If the file is subject to some small Outlook errors, it can fix them. You can find this tool by searching “Scanpst” in the disk where Outlook is installed. After locating them, click “Browse” button to select the PST file and click “Start” to check it. After repairing, you can choose whether make a copy of the file as well.Check Your Outlook Data File via Scanpst.exe

5. Repair Compromised Outlook File by an External Tool

Though Outlook inbox repair tool, Scanpst.exe is free and handy, it cannot make great influence when repairing those severely damaged PST file. So If faced with the compromised file that Scanpst.exe has no capacity to rescue, you can also resort to an external repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which has stood way ahead of its peers due to its high recovery rate.

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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