How to Design Your Favorite Postcard in Microsoft Word

This article is mainly about how to create a personalized postcard with the help of Word.

Every time you send a postcard, where do you get it at the first place? Generally, most of us just walk into a shop and pick whatever meets our eyes. Why not make one by yourself? Just think about making a postcard that you like. Moreover, people who receive your card will definitely feel being respected.

And here is our good news that you can totally customize a lovely postcard relying only on Word. Read our steps below and get your hands move.

Work You Need Do on the Back Side

  1. First and foremost, open a blank Word document.
  2. Then click “Page Layout” tab.
  3. Next click the extend button in “Page Setup” group.
  4. And then in the “Page Setup” dialog box, click “Paper” first.
  5. Next choose “Custom size” for paper size.
  6. Input width and height. For example we here enter 5.8 inches in “Width” text box, and “4.1 inches” in “Height” text box.
  7. Then click “OK” to save your change.Click "Page Layout" -> Click the Extend Button -> Click "Paper" -> Choose "Custom size" -> Input Width and Height -> Click "OK"
  8. Next click “Margins” in ““Page Setup” group under “Page Layout” tab.
  9. And choose “Narrow” on the list-menu.Click "Margins" -> Choose "Narrow"
  10. Next, click “Insert” tab.
  11. Click “Shapes”.
  12. Then choose “Rectangle”.Click "Insert" -> Click "Shapes" -> Choose "Rectangles"
  13. Now you click and drag a rectangle of the size of a stamp on the up-right corner of the paper.
  14. Next, you should click “Shape Fill” in “Shape Styles” group under “Format” tab.
  15. Choose “No Fill”.Click "Shape Fill" -> Choose "No Fill"
  16. Continue to click “Shape Outline”.
  17. Then click “Dashes” to choose a style.
  18. Similarly, click “Weight” to choose a type too.Click "Shape Outline" -> Click "Dashes" -> Click "Weight"Effect of Setting the Rectangle
  19. Now click “Insert” again.
  20. And click “Shapes”.
  21. This time choose “Line”.Click "Insert" -> Click "Shapes" -> Choose "Line"
  22. Click and drag your mouse to draw a vertical line in the middle if the paper. You can use the same way to get several lines in address area. Below is an example:Example of Inserting Lines
  23. In case you think the page is a little dull, you can set it. Click “Page Layout”.
  24. Then click “Page Color”.
  25. Choose “Fill Effects” option to open the same-name dialog box.Click "Page Layout" -> Click "Page Color" -> Click "Fill Effects"
  26. Now you can choose a filling color or a picture. Just remember to click “OK” to save the change.Choose a Filling Color or a Picture -. Click "OK"Example of Applying a Filling Color

If you want to insert a watermark, you can read our previous article: How to Insert Custom Watermarks in Your Word Documents.

And you can refer to “2 Ways to Remove the Horizontal Lines in the Header or Footer of Your Word Document”, if you have a horizontal line in “Header” to remove.

Design the Front Side of Postcard

  1. Double click at the end of the first page to place cursor there.
  2. Then click “Insert”.
  3. Choose “Blank Page”.Click "Insert" -> Click "Blank Page"
  4. Next insert a picture you like into the new page. Right click on it.
  5. Choose “Size and Position” to open “Layout” dialog box.Right Click Picture -> Choose "Size and Position"
  6. Click “Text Wrapping” first.
  7. Then choose ant “Wrapping style” but the “In line with text”.
  8. And click “OK”.Click "Text Wrapping" -> Click "Square" -> Click "OK"
  9. Now adjust the picture and make it as large as the paper size.
  10. Remember to print on both sides.

Cope with Word Errors

Since you now know how to create a postcard by yourself in Word, you may be impressed by the capability of word again. But anyway, Word can stop working suddenly and leave your files unarmed. In such a scenario, your files are prone to get corrupted. Then you will need a specialized Word docx repair tool.

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