How to Create and Use Custom Stationery in Outlook

Outlook has some built-in kinds of stationery. Actually you’re also allowed to create personalized stationery as per you preference. This article will introduce how to create and apply custom stationery in detail. Sometimes, it is difficult for a plain email to attract the recipients. If you can use stationery for the emails, it would be much more attractive. Fortunately, Outlook comes packed with some types of stationery by default, shown as the following screenshot. Also, if you don’t...

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4 Quick Methods to Search for Non-Empty Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

Some blank cells in a worksheet are actually not empty. But their existence will make you confused. Therefore, you need to find those non-empty cells in your Excel worksheet. There are many conditions that a cell will be non-empty while the content in it is invisible. For example, a formula will return null value, the font color in the cell is the same as the fill color, or the invisible values that returned by VBA macros. All those reasons can make the content invisible. But actually those...

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