3 Key Advantages of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

We today live in a hyper-connected world where information is the aa718394_reportdesigner(zh-cn)key to success for both individuals and businesses. However raw information contained in a data repository can hardly make a clear sense and this where data reporting tools come into the picture.

The SQL Server database in its enterprise edition and other iterations comes with a powerful reporting service (SSRS) which helps you gain insights from the data stored in your repository and even allows you the flexibility to mix data from different sources. SSRS essentially helps you obtain meaning from your data and distribute the same amongst your stakeholders. Let’s look at some its key advantages.


  • Get focused Reports to the last detail

With SSRS you get the chance to drill down the data stored in your system and pick out highly focused insights. Moreover you can tune the display choices and get the results in forms of relevant charts and figures. The tool allows you to neatly sort the data via columns and you can quickly set the order in which the data is showcased. The reports that you eventually generate can be exported in multiple formats and thus can be investigated in a different application. Some of the common formats that it supports include HTML, Excel and even the PDF.


  • Centralized Reporting

The SSRS allows you to centralize the reports from a single point and multiple stake holders can access them. Moreover this feature can be used to creating a reporting platform that encompasses all data elements contained in the SQL database. Moreover you can use it send notifications to users via email and create a reporting schedule. Users can enforce the delivery of reports at regular intervals and even place key parameters for filtering the generated reports. The reports generated by SSRS can be integrated with a web based platform and can be viewed by an wide audience right from their browser window.


  • Comprehensive Security

As compared to using a third party reporting tool, using the Microsoft SSRS is a better option from a security standpoint. The application enforces stringent role based security which restricts the access of content to relevant individuals only. Moreover the tool has options to assign complete access for privileged users.


  • Avoiding a SQL Server Crash

When you are running a large scale corporate application on your SQL Server, you need always remained prepared for various challenges that you may experience. One of the most difficult scenarios involves a SQL crash which occurs pretty close to a scheduled backup date. In such a case your old backup would not have all the data and you would have to attempt a sql recovery. In such cases you should only rely on a powerful application like the DataNumen Outlook Recovery which can help you recover the compromised data without much fuss. This sophisticated tool is capable of negotiating large database files and can recover files from SSD drives as well. Last but not the least the tool can work with all current iterations of SQL Server application.


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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including access recovery and sql recovery software products. For more information visit https://www.datanumen.com/

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