A quick guide to Zip file Limits on Different Windows OS versions

If you have been using zip archive files for over a decade now, you may have noticed that earlier you could not create large zip files over 4GB which now can be created with effortless ease. The restriction on the size of the zip file was enforced by the 32 bit zip format which did not allow for creation of large zip files. However with the introduction of the 64bit zip format such limits has become history. That said depending on which operating system you use, there are still certain restrictions on the zip file size that you need to keep in mind.

Windows 98 and Windows 95

In case of old Microsoft operating systems of 9x family, the maximum zip file limit still remains 4GB as these utilized the 32 bit Fat file system. So even if you have a latest version of WinZip or any other zip tool, you will still be limited to the same file size. Moreover number of files and folders to will be restricted to 65,535 only.

Compressed folders and Windows XP

In case of Windows XP operating system, the latest versions of WinZip can help you create large files. However if you plan to use the compressed folder feature of the operating system, you are limited to a 2 GB file size limit. If you attempt to zip more than 2GB of data in a compressed folder it will fail.


Latest Windows OS iterations

For most recent iterations of Windows including Windows 8 and 7, no standard file size limits apply and you can create zip files which are only restricted by computer’s system constraints.

Technical facts about the 64bit zip format

While we are discussing about file size limit, you may wish to know the limits on a zip archive enforced by the 64bit architecture. A 64 bit zip file can be created to a size of 16 Billion GB, which is simply beyond the computing resources of any machine on earth. Similarly it can contain up to 4 billion files and folders.

Recovering Data from large corrupt Zip files

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