2 Methods to Search for Specific Words in Sender’s Name in Outlook Rule

Outlook doesn’t have a direct rule condition that allows us to search specific words in the sender’s name. So this article will teach you 2 workarounds to achieve “with specific words in sender’s name” in Outlook rule. When you try to create an Outlook rule that needs to specify the senders, you will find that only “with specific words in the sender’s address” is available, shown as the following screenshot: This Outlook rule condition points to the sender’s SMTP email...

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MS Access Security – Understand the Role the Jet Database Engine Plays

In this article we will examine the role the Jet Database Engine plays in the overall security framework of Ms Access The Security features in MS Access are not considered to be one of the best features of the application. Access is in-fact often looked down as one of the database applications with complicated and difficult to understand security features. To be able to use the security features provided in MS Access for database security, it is important to first understand the concept of...

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4 Quick Methods to Auto Update All Repeated or Related Contents in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on explaining 4 quick ways to auto update all repeated or related contents in your word document. If you work with statistics reports quite often, you will find same texts or values appear all the time through a document. And another situation is now and then you will get a value based on previous data. Then here is the problem. When you alter a text or a value in one place, can you automatically update all the same texts or related data in the whole...

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