4 Quick Methods to Auto Update All Repeated or Related Contents in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on explaining 4 quick ways to auto update all repeated or related contents in your word document. If you work with statistics reports quite often, you will find same texts or values appear all the time through a document. And another situation is now and then you will get a value based on previous data. Then here is the problem. When you alter a text or a value in one place, can you automatically update all the same texts or related data in the whole...

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In-depth Introduction to Conditional Functions in MS Access

In this article we learn about Conditional functions that are present in the Ms Access software and the kind advantage they offer. To save you from the trouble of repeating a few of the most performed operations in Ms Access, the application provides you with Conditional Functions. These are the functions which can allow for comparison between tables in the database, to check for repetitive content. Thus with the help of this feature, you can avoid creating data that already exists...

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How to Quickly Print Mailing Labels in Your Access

In this article we look at the option of printing mailing labels right out of an Ms Access Database Creating mailing labels using data contained in Access database tables is one of the most common requirements expressed by several MS Access users. The good news is that you can simply use the Label Wizard, which is a built-in feature in MS Access for creating and printing mailing labels. The Wizard not only allows you to select data from the databases to be printed on labels but also allows...

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