How to Prevent User from Sending Out a Specific Email in Outlook

Using Outlook VBA, learn how to restrict an email being sent out from the user’s Outlook account if specific words are contained in the email body or subject. Identify the Outlook Event to Block the Emails There is often a very pressing requirement of not letting the email sent out from the user’s account, if a specific criterion is met. To be more precise, in large organizations, where data confidentiality is an important concern, the organization might want to block the outgoing...

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How to Auto Assign a Color Category to New Appointments via Outlook VBA

Many users prefer to manage Outlook appointments by “Color Category” . So they hope that Outlook can auto categorize new appointments. This article will introduce how to realize it. The article “How to Auto Categorize Appointments in Outlook Calendar” introduces a workaround. It uses Conditional Formatting to color code the appointments. Actually it just assigns a color to the item, not uses color category. Besides, Conditional Formatting relies on view settings. That is to say,...

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3 Quick Methods to Know the Arguments of a Function in Your Excel

Excel has provided you with many practical functions. And in this article, we will introduce three methods to help you quickly know the function arguments. You will probably have met with such a condition: When you are working in Excel and you need to use a certain function. You cannot remember the detail function arguments. However, at this moment, you cannot connect to the Internet and search for this function. The result is that you will spend even more time to finish this task or you...

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