4 Key Benefits of Splitting Your Access Database

In this article we explore the array of benefits which one can derive by splitting an Ms Access Database One of the most useful features provided by Access to its users is the feature that allows splitting the databases. Splitting a database involves creating different files, one in the backend, with relational data and another in the frontend, with interface objects. There are a lot of benefits that you can achieve by splitting your Access databases, a few of those benefits are described...

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3 Effective Methods to Get the Path of the Current Excel Workbook

When you are working on an Excel workbook, you may need to refer to the path of this file. In this article, we will show you 3 methods to get the path. Getting the path of the current workbook seems to be very easy. However, if you close the folder and couldn’t remember the exact location, you will find it hard to get the path especially, especially when there are many files in your computer. You can certainly use the search feature in your computer. But if there are many files in your...

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How to Highlight the Top or Bottom N Items by Conditional Formatting in Excel

Finding the top and bottom items in an Excel worksheet is  very ordinary in your work. And in this article, we will use the conditional formatting to quickly achieve this task. In your Excel worksheet, you will sometimes need to find the top n items or bottom n items. If those cells are not in a column or in a row, you cannot sort values. Hence, it is very difficult for you to find out all those cells manually. But in Excel, you can use the conditional formatting to finish this task. Now...

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