How to Send Outlook Meeting Updates Only to Those Who Accepted the Invitation

By default, Outlook will always send meeting updates to all attendees, regardless of their responses. However, most of time, what you want is to send updates simply to those who accepted this meeting invitation. So this article will help you realize it. After making any modifications on a meeting, when you intend to save it, Outlook will ask you to send meeting updates to all the attendees, no matter whether they have accepted or declined this meeting invitation. Nevertheless, often, you may...

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3 Fast Ways to Browse by Table in Your Word Document

In this article, we are delighted to share with you 3 fast methods to browse by table in your Word document. Generally, a Word document contains more than just texts. There are also tables and images, to name just a few. Sometimes, it can be a distraction to have too many objects. For instance, your document includes many a tables, which are the only objects you want to navigate. Will you waste time scrolling up and down to manually position a table? Lucky for us, there are means in Word to...

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2 Effective Ways to Print Hidden Texts in Your Word Document

In the following contents, we are dedicated to showing you 2 effective ways to print hidden texts in your Word document. Most of the time, we hide texts to make them invisible as to protect sensitive information. But after a specific time range, the hidden texts need to be revealed to the public. For example, if you are a teacher giving test to students, you wouldn’t want the answers to be visible as well. So you hide them. However, in the same case, after a test is given, those hidden...

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