4 Easy Ways to Find Hidden Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we are glad to provide you with 4 easy ways to find hidden texts in your Word document. Sometimes we would like to hide some texts to make it invisible out of the need to protect sensitive and confidential information. However, as time goes by, we can easily forget about their existence. Therefore, we have to find out hidden texts as not to overwrite them by accident. This post will show you all 4 ways to do so. Method 1: Show All Hidden Texts in a Document Open...

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3 Quick Ways to Insert the Created or Last Modified Date into Your Word Document

In this post, we will pay attention to show you 3 quick ways to insert the created or last modified date into your Word document. Every time we create a document, it contains a lot of information, such as the created date and last modified date. These details keep us a good track of how we have been editing on the document. So today, we will show you methods to enable you to insert the created or last modified date into document. Note: Before all, once you finishing drafting document,...

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How to Quickly Create a Contact Group from the Contacts in a Plain Text File via Outlook VBA

If you get a plain text file which contains many contacts, and want to create a new contact group for all these contacts, you can refer to this article. It will teach you to quickly achieve it with effortless ease. As we all know, Outlook permits users to save a contact group as a plain text file. But it is difficult to create a contact group from a text file. Therefore, here we’ll expose a piece of VBA code, which will automatically read and recognize all the contacts in the TXT file and...

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