How to Quickly Delay Sending Specific Emails until Working Hours in Your Outlook

If you need to prevent yourself from sending specific emails outside working hours, you can utilize the method shown in this article. It can let Outlook auto check if it’s in working hours when you send specific emails and delay it until working hours. At times, the time when you compose and send a mail isn’t within your working hours. In this case, you may wish to delay sending this email until the subsequent working hours. Generally, you can use the native feature “Delay Delivery”...

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How to Batch Import Files from a Windows Folder to an Outlook Folder

For convenience, you may wish to store some frequently-used files, such as Word documents, Excel workbooks or JPEG images, in an Outlook folder. This article will share a piece of VBA code, which can help you batch import such files into Outlook. My previous article- “4 Effective Tips for Storing Files in Your Outlook Mailbox” has exposed that Outlook can be used to store files, no matter Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, Zip archives or pictures, etc. Thus, it...

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How to Quickly Convert from English to Metric Area and Vice Versa via Word VBA

In following post, we will demonstrate you how to create an area converter to quickly convert from English to metric area and vice versa via Word VBA. Unit converter can free you from painstaking manual conversion. Actually, you can totally create one in Word via VBA. And today we will show you how to build an area converter. Create a User Form You are going to need a user form on which your converter shall exhibit. So let’s create one first. To start off, press “Alt+ F11” in...

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