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5 Helpful Tips for Table of Contents in Your Word Document

In the following article, there are 5 tips which could be useful for you while dealing with table of contents in your Word document. To create a table of contents can make our Word document look organized. Meanwhile, it’s like a document map, telling people what and where the contents are. Honestly, inserting a table of contents is relatively easy, but the tricky things always lie at places where you barely aware of. Therefore, we list 5 possible problems you may run into in the future,...

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6 Useful Tips for Bulleted or Numbered Lists in Your Word Document

In today’s article, there are 6 useful tips available to help you make easy use of numbered or bulleted lists in your Word document. “Bullets” and “Numbering” are 2 useful features in Word, ensuring items in your Word document are organized in a neat way. However, as long as we continue benefiting from this function, there are little problems which can be annoying and ruin our document formatting sometimes. Therefore, here are 6 tips which make it easier to handle bulleted or...

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5 Solutions when Word Prints Useless Blank Pages

In this article, we will talk about 5 possible causes of printing useless blank pages in Word and the solutions to them respectively. Now and then, frequent users of Word will bump into the situation of having blank pages printed instead of the contents they expected. If you ever met this, you are not alone. Therefore, we have this article to summarize 5 possible reasons of getting blank pages when printing. Of course, our attention is always on the way out. So, just continue to read and see...

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