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How to Insert a Future or Past Date in Your Word Document via VBA Codes

In this article, we will show you an interesting trick to insert a future or past date in your Word Document via VBA codes. Generally, we have no difficulty in inserting a current date in our Word document. Yet, now and then, we could be preparing for the document needed next week or month or even later. Then here is the problem you can’t bypass. How can you insert a future date in Word file? And sometimes how about a past one even? It is therefore we think you must grasp this useful...

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2 Ways to Extract Separate Components from Date or Time in Word Mail Merge

In this article, we intend to show you 2 ways to extract separate components from date or time in Word mail merge. In Word, we use “Mail Merge” feature quite often. And there can be times when we have to split a date or time and insert its components, say, year and month and day, to different places on Word document. And on another situation, if you are a database administrator, you may have to handle server uptime and downtime report. Then you are likely to extract the exact time...

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2 Ways to Remove Extra Spaces Related to Footnotes in Your Word Document

In the following content, we will focus on explaining 2 ways to remove the extra spaces related to footnotes in your Word document. Problems about spaces in Word can be annoying sometimes. And when it comes to the use of footnote, the headache remains. In this article, we will illustrate 2 cases where the unnecessary spaces drive people crazy, and also their solutions. Case 1: Extra Spaces between Footnote and Body Text The Issue There can be times when you find a large blank space is...

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