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2 Quick Ways to Change Word Order in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we plan to talk about the idea of changing word order in your Word document, along with 2 quick ways. Generally, we will have to revise our draft over and over again to make it perfect. And in the process of revision, adjusting words order is one of the necessities. So, our topic today should be of great help for many of you. Now, just read on and find out the details. Method 1: Reverse a Numbered List More often than not, we will have to deal with a large number...

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6 Ways to Resolve the Issue when Unable to Input Anything into Word Table Cells

In this article, there are 6 ways available for you to resolve the issue of unable to input in Word table cells. There are situations when we receive a Word document from others, but only to find that we are unable to enter either text or data into Word tables. This can be annoying, but not unfixable. In the following content, we list 6 different methods to deal with this problem along with some causes to it. Situation 1: Unable to Type Only in Certain Cell The first situation might be...

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2 Ways to Quickly Save or Close All Open Word Documents

In today’s article, we want to share you 2 ways to quickly save or close all open Word documents. More often than not, when we are surfing on the Internet, we would like to open multiple web pages at the same time. Things are the same when we are dealing with Word documents. After making revisions or just simply looking through, some of you may bother to save and close them one by one. Then how about learning some cool tricks to save your valuable time? Here are 2 ways you may find...

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