2 Quick Ways to Search for Underlined Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to share with you 2 quick ways to search for all underlined texts in your Word document.

A high occurrence of underlines in a Word document is not unusual. Therefore, so many demands relating to the applying of underlines keep coming up. Now let’s take a look at such requests.

  1. Find underlined spaces. You may feel at a loss at first thought. But, you can think in this way that when filling an exam in a Word document, you will need to search through the file to see whether there is a question left unanswered.
  2. Change a way to strike through texts. You can make texts stand out by underline them. However, there are also other means, like to apply texts with italic font style.
  3. Alter the color of underline. You can modify the underline color to make it more eye-catching.

In order to meet the above requirements, there is one shared step which is to search for underlines first. And here are our 2 methods:

Method 1: Use “Advanced Find” Option

  1. To start off, click “Home” tab.
  2. Then click on the upside-down triangle button behind the “Find”.
  3. Next choose “Advanced Find”.    Click "Home"->Click the Button->Click "Advanced Find"
  4. In the “Find and Replace” dialog box, click “Format” button.
  5. Then choose “Font”.Click "Format"->Click "Font"
  6. In “Find Font” box, choose the underline style employed in your document and click “OK”.Choose Underline Style->Click "OK"
  7. Now choose to either click “Find In” then the “Main Document” or keep clicking “Find Next”. The former will select all underlines in the document, while the latter will take you to step through underline one by one.Click "Find In" or "Find Next"

By the way, in case you want to skip step 4 to 6, you can use shortcuts. The “Ctrl+ U” refers to single underline and “Ctrl+ Shift+ D”, the double underline.

Method 2: Run the Word Macro

  1. At first, click “Developer” tab and then the “Visual Basic” to bring about the VBA editor. An alternative way is to press “Alt+ F11”.Click "Developer"->Click "Visual Basic"
  2. Next, click “Normal”.
  3. Then click “Insert” tab and choose “Module”.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Choose "Module"
  4. Now you have successfully inserted a new module under “Normal” project. Double click on the new module to open the editing area.
  5. Next paste the following codes there:
Sub FindUnderlineInDoc()
  Dim objDoc As Document
  Dim objRange As Range
  Set objDoc = ActiveDocument
  Set objRange = objDoc.Range
  objRange.Find.Font.Underline = wdUnderlineSingle
  With Selection.Find
    .text = ""
    .Forward = True
    .Wrap = wdFindContinue
    .Format = True
  End With
End Sub
  1. Lastly, hit “Run” button.Paste Codes->Hit "Run"


Code line “objRange.Find.Font.Underline = wdUnderlineSingle” means this macro will find single underline. So to find underline with other styles, you need to replace the “wdUnderlineSingle” with other constants, which you can find more here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/office/developer/office-2003/aa224269(v=office.11)

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  1. Thank you so much! I had a book, where every chapter was underlined and I was trying to create a TOC, but I couldn’t find a way to highlight them all, to apply a heading once and for all till I saw your article! I really appreciate it!

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