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4 Quick Ways to View and Accept All Revisions from a Specific Reviewer in Word

In this article, there will be 4 helpful ways for you to view and accept revisions from a particular reviewer in your Word document. It’s quite often to have a document reviewed by multiple reviewers. And it’s not a rocket science to identify revisions from reviewer to reviewer. Besides, sometimes there can be the demand to just accept revisions from certain person. With all these possible needs in consideration, we present you 4 working methods. 2 Ways to View Revisions from One...

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4 Quick Ways to Batch Hide or Show Pictures in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on demonstrating you 4 ways to batch hide or show pictures in your Word document. Now and then, you are likely to inherit a document with a large amount of pictures. Yet, you perhaps find them quite a distraction. They actually trip you from reading efficiently rather than being illustrative. Or if a picture is a shoot of texts or data, you will have difficulty telling apart the picture and document contents. Batch Hide Pictures To reduce the disruption as...

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4 Easy Tips to Change the Color of Comment Balloons or Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, there are 4 easy tips for you to change the color of comment balloons or texts in your Word document. By and large, the color of comment balloons in document is randomly assigned by Word according to the editing author. Similarly, the comment text color is by default set in black. Nevertheless, we still can apply some tricks to change the default color. Tip 1: Apply Custom Color for Comment Balloons It’s a popular knowledge that Word distributes color to comment balloons...

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