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4 Quick Ways to Increase the Space between the Lines in Bulleted or Numbered List in Word

In this article, there are 4 quick ways to enlarge the space between the lines in bulleted or numbered list in Word. There must be a lot of times when you will create bulleted or numbered list in your file. And by default, the line spacing of the list is set in “Single”. Then what if you want to increase the space between 2 list items? A larger space surely can make the list look clear in the eye. So today, we will share 4 methods on fixing this very problem. Method 1: Press “Shift+...

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3 Easy Ways to Adjust the Page Width to Fit Your Word Window

In this article, we are willing to share with you 3 easy ways to adjust the page width to fit your Word window. Now and then, there are times when we need to view more than one Word document at the same time. To do so, we have to resize Word windows. However, you must have noticed that when window size changes, the document zoom percentage does stays stalled, with limited only contents being displayed. For example, we can see the left-side texts in the following sample: Therefore, we must...

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4 Quick Ways to Convert Horizontal Texts to Vertical Ones and Vice Versa in Word

In this article, we would like to demonstrate you with 4 quick and easy ways to convert between horizontal and vertical texts in your Word document. Now and then, we are likely to arrange texts in horizontal or vertical in our document. Then there are the chances to convert a horizontal text to a vertical one. It would be time-consuming and patience-killing to retype all the information again. Therefore, we want to offer you 4 ways to change a horizontal text to a vertical one and vice...

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