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4 Handy Ways to Get the Total Count of Images in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to share 4 handy ways with you to get the total count of images in your Word document quickly and correctly. Every now and then, a document will require multiple images to make it more professional. However, if you are a guy like me who prefer to insert images right after finishing editing, then you will probably worry about whether you’ve left one or two accidentally. Consequently, you will have to scroll up and down painstakingly to check out the total number of...

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4 Useful Methods to Create Static or Animated Text Effects in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to present you 4 useful methods to create static or animated text effects in your Word document. A professional document requires more than enlightening contents. In many cases, formatting plays a vital role. Therefore, to stand your document out, you can choose to apply either static or animated text effects to them, using methods in the coming explanation. Create Static Effect First there are 2 methods for creating static effect. Method 1: Convert Texts to...

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2 Workarounds when an Applied Table Style Changes the Preferred Alignment

In this post, we will introduce you with 2 workarounds you can take when an applied table style changes your preferred alignment. First, here is our case. If we center a table in Word document, and then apply a specific table style for it, we find our preferred alignment missing. Instead, the table now aligns to left. Certainly, we want to keep the previous alignment style even a new table style is employed. For this reason, this article will offer 2 solutions for you to fix the...

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