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How to Insert Custom Watermarks in Your Word Documents

While Word provides users with galleries of ready-made watermarks, however, you can also create custom watermark of your own if the preset watermarks do not suit your needs. Watermarks are, probably, one of the most reliable ways to label and identify your Word documents, especially for sensitive, confidential, or private ones. As a watermark is splashed across the overall page, you will not possibly miss a watermark on your page. While Word offers a variety of pre-designed watermarks, you...

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How to Auto Number the Captions for Tables or Pictures in Your Word

You may have a lot of tables or figures in Word documents that require captions. Then it will be much more convenient, if table numbers can be updated automatically whenever you insert or delete table. Tables, charts and illustrations in Word are often accompanied by a caption. This helps explains the content. However, sometimes your document may contain a lot of these elements. In such scenarios, you might want to automate the process of updating captions in case the order of tables is...

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What to Do if Text Lines Go Beyond the Edge of Your Word Page?

When pasting something you copy from websites, sometimes you may find the texts extend past the margins of Word pages. In this article, we will introduce how to fit these texts within the edge of your Word page. The ease of copying texts from Web pages considerably simplifies many tasks in Word, however, problem arises when you find the texts you just copied goes beyond the width of the Word pages, and sometimes even by a very large amount. This situation is quite problematic, as the texts...

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