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2 Smart Tips about the Filter Feature in Your Excel Worksheet

The filter feature in Excel is one of the most frequently used features. We will now introduce two smart tips when using this feature. When you have a bunch of data in a worksheet, you will certainly need to analyze the data and information. One of the methods to analyze is using the filter feature. But thus feature also contains many details that most if you may ignore. In order to help you use filter better, we have the two tips. You can continue reading the following parts. Tip 1: Use...

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How to Copy the List of All File Names in a Folder into Excel Worksheet via VBA

Collecting all the file names in a worksheet is very important to your work. In this article, we will introduce a method to input all the file names into a worksheet by using VBA macro. In our previous article 2 Methods to Copy the List of All File Names in a Folder into Your Excel Worksheet, we have introduced two methods to list all the file names in a folder into a worksheet. And now we have found another method. You can also use the VBA macro to finish this task. Follow the steps below...

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2 Methods to Count the Total Number of the Emails from Specific Senders in Outlook

If you would like to count the total number of the emails from specific senders, how can you achieve it? This article introduce you 2 quick means. You can choose either based on the amount of the specific senders. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as making some statistics in order to plan for future work, you may be required to get a count of the Outlook emails from one or more specific senders. You must be reluctant to count them one by one in that it is pretty time-consuming and prone to...

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