How to Extract & Print Meeting Attendee List in Outlook

If you often send meeting invitation in Outlook, you may be required to print out the meeting attendee list at times for some purpose, like counting people. This article will teach you how to extract and print an orderly attendee list quickly.

Working in a corporate environment, I usually initiate a meeting through Outlook. Moreover, so as to ensure that all crucial persons have attended the meeting, I need to print out the meeting attendee list and require everyone to sign in ahead of the meeting. Here are my effective methods without needs to write down the names one by one.

Print Meeting Attendee List Only

  1. To begin with, launch Outlook and head to Calendar pane.
  2. Then in the reading pane, find the target meeting whose attendees need to be printed. And double click the meeting to open it in its own window.
  3. After getting into the new window, you should click on “Scheduling Assistant” in the group of “Show” under “Invited Event” tab.Scheduling Assistant
  4. In the subsequent screen, you should switch to “Format Text” tab. Locate and click “Select” button. From the drop down list, select “Select All”.Select All
  5. Next you will see that all the attendees in the left pane are selected. You should press “Ctrl + C” key button to copy them.Copy the Meeting Attendee List
  6. Later open Microsoft Word and press “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut to paste the copied attendee list. You will see that all the attendees are separated by semicolons.Meeting Attendee List in Word
  7. In order to print them in a table, take the following steps:
  • At first, select all by “Ctrl + A” hotkey.
  • Then go to “Insert” tab and choose “Table” > “Convert Text to Table”.Convert Text to Table
  • Next in the new popup dialog box, change “Number of columns” to “1”. And in “Separate text at”, choose “Other” and input “;”.Speicfy the Table Values
  • Lastly click “OK” to close the dialog. You will find that the attendees all listed in a table.Attendees in a Table
  1. Eventually you can print the table in Word straightly. Go to “File” > “Print”.Print Meeting Attendee List in Word

Print Meeting Attendee List Along with Meeting Responses

However, if you would like to print not only the meeting attendee list but also their responses, follow the steps below:

  1. For a start, still open the meeting in its own window.
  2. Then click on “Tracking” button in the “Show” group. And from its dropdown list, select “Copy Status to Clipboard”.Copy Status to Clipboard
  3. Next open MS Excel program and paste the status by “Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcuts. You will get what you want in the Excel.Meeting Attendee List & Meeting Responses
  4. Finally you could print the sheet as usual.

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