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How to Periodically Back Up Multiple Revisions of Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on introducing you the way to periodically back up multiple reversions of your Word document. In one of our previous article, we’ve shared with you 2 ways to back up document periodically at the same time interval. For detailed information, you can refer to this article: 2 Quick Ways to Auto Back up Your Word Document Periodically But as you may notice, there is and will always be one backup copy only. The new version of backup will always overwrite the...

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How to Batch Change the Order of First and Last Name in a List in Word Document

In this post, we are glad to show you the way to batch change the order of first and last name in a list in Word document. An English name includes the first name, middle name, and last name. And it is written in the very same order. As a result of globalization, people from different regions of culture now exchange with one another more often than at any time. Consequently, there are a lot international conferences nowadays. And names in other language tend to have a different order....

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How to Batch Add or Delete Multiple AutoCorrect Entries in Your Word

In this article bellow, we would like to introduce you the way to batch add or delete multiple autocorrect entries in your Word. In Word, there is a built-in feature called autocorrect. Many users are already familiar with it. As a matter of fact, many of us use it to correct easily misspelled words. Although you can import as many items as you need, you have to do it one by one. Generally, we will have to put up with it. But, as far as macro is concerned, you will be able to save much time...

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