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2 Quick Ways to Search for Word Documents with Specific Number of Pages

In today’s article, we would like to present you 2 quick ways to search for Word documents with specific number of pages. Generally, there are a large number of files stored under one directory. What’s more, there can be various types of files. So, what if you need to search for a Word documents with specific number of pages? Or you happen to forget a document name but remember its total number of pages. Our solutions bellow will lead you to search for target Word documents with...

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How to Get Warned when Too Many Appointments Are Scheduled on the Same Day in Your Outlook

This article will introduce a method, which can let Outlook automatically warn you when there are too many appointments scheduled on the same day. Without any doubts, you have no enough time and energy to deal with too many appointments in one day. Thus, in order to better manage your working as well as avoid over fatigue, you’d better schedule a certain number of appointments in one day only. If you are a regular user of Outlook, you must be used to organizing all of your appointments in...

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How to Get a Confirmation before Setting Reminder on Weekend in Your Outlook

If you frequently set reminders on weekend by mistake, you can use the method in this article. It can force Outlook to automatically warn you before a reminder is set on weekends. If you are using Outlook for working, perhaps you will not check your mailbox on weekends. Thus, if you set any reminders on weekends, it may be useless for you. However, in reality, at times, you may mistakenly set reminders on weekends in your Outlook. In this case, you must hope that Outlook can auto warn you...

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