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3 Handy Ways to Search for Words in Online Directories or Wikipedia in Your Word

In this article, we will offer you 3 handy ways to search for words in online dictionaries or Wikipedia in your Word. While looking through a document, there are chances that you will bump into words, or abbreviations that you know little about. In such scenario, it can’t be a better thing to search them online right in your Word without visiting websites manually. Read on and we will show you how to achieve. Method 1: Search for Abbreviations First of all, trigger VBA editor in...

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How to Quickly Jump to the Beginning or End of Message Body in Your Outlook

When you want to quickly insert texts into the end of a pretty long email message, it will take you some time to scroll down to the end. This article will expose a method that can enable you to quickly jump to the end or beginning of email body via VBA. Sometimes, when viewing a long email message, you may wish to be able to jump to or move the cursor to the end or start of the message body quickly at will. For example, you want to check the sender’s signature, thus, you have to jump to...

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How to Auto Record File Name & Path When Saving Email Attachment in Your Outlook

When saving email attachment in Outlook, you may desire to record the file name, path and some other related information in an Excel file. This article will offer you a piece of VBA code that can automate recording. In order to better manage email attachments, you may want to record them in an Excel spreadsheet when saving email attachment to local drive. However, by default, Outlook doesn’t offer such a feature. Fortunately, you can use the following VBA code to realize it like a...

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