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How to Quickly Export the Total Count of Items in Each Outlook Folder to Excel

If you want to get a report about the count of items in each Outlook folder, you can use the method introduced in this article. It will quickly do the counting and export the results into an Excel file. In my previous article – “How to Quickly Get the Total Count of Items in a Folder and All Its Subfolders via Outlook VBA”, you can learn a method using VBA to get the count of items in a folder. However, by that means, if you want to count the items in all folders, you have to select...

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How to Learn Word Tip Every Day by Adding a “Tip of the Day” Feature in Your Word

In this article, we will show you the way to add a “Tip of the Day” feature in Word to learn new Word skills every day. Since Word is so closely related to our working, it would be such a great help to learn some tips of it as to improve efficiency. Therefore, we want to show you the method to add a “Tip of the Day” feature in your Word, so you can learn some new stuff every time you start Word. To do so, we suggest you to find some Word tips you might be interested and put them...

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How to Auto Apply the Same Color Category to All Members when Categorizing a Contact Group in Outlook

When you apply specific color categories to a contact group, if you want to assign the same categories to all the contacts corresponding to the group members, you could use the method introduced in this article. Some users would like to apply the same color categories to the group members as they color categorizing a contact group. In general, to achieve it manually, you have to firstly find the corresponding contacts and then assign categories. It’ll be quite troublesome. Thus, here...

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