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3 Methods to Import Emails from a Windows Folder to Your Outlook

Perhaps you’ve saved several Outlook emails in your Windows folder. Now, if you want to import them back to an Outlook folder, how can you do it? This article will teach you 3 ways. As we all know, Outlook provides a built-in option – “Save As”, by which you can save the emails to Windows folder. However, there is no feature for you to re-add the exported emails back to the Outlook folder. Therefore, if you would like to import the Outlook emails back to Outlook, how can you realize...

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How to Get Warned If Forgetting to Reply Important Emails When Closing Outlook

Sometimes, you may forget to reply some important emails. Therefore, in this post, we will expose you a piece of VBA code, which will auto check if there are any vital emails that you haven’t replied as closing Outlook. If there are, you’ll get warned. At times, it is inevitable that you may forget to reply some emails. Provided that the emails are extremely significant, such as from your boss or your clients, the consequences can be considerably serious. Therefore, here we will...

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How to Batch Validate All Hyperlinks in Your Word Document via VBA

In this article, we will show you an automatic way to quickly batch validate all hyperlinks in your Word document via VBA. A Word document can contains many hyperlinks, hundreds even. Among them, some are invalid links that fail to lead you to a correct webpage. Thus, we want to offer you the way to quickly check all links in a document via VBA. Install and Save a Word Macro First of all, open VBA editor with “Alt+ F11”. Then click “Normal” project. Next click...

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