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6 Ways to Solve Outlook Error “421 Cannot connect to SMTP server”

Occasionally while trying to send an email in Outlook or while setting up a new mail account in Outlook you may receive the Error “421 Cannot connect to SMTP server”. In this article, we will offer 6 effective ways to fix this issue in a quick time. The MS Outlook application continues to be the mainstay of business communication and collaboration for some of the largest companies in the world. It still retains its position as the most dominant desktop-based mail client in the...

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12 Solutions when Outlook Cannot Receive Emails

At times the Outlook application fails to receive emails into the mailbox from the server. In this article, we offer you 12 possible solutions to resolve the issue. The popularity of MS Outlook email client continues to hold steady even today, owing to its expansive set of features. The application also scores high on its overall usability and intuitive interface. However, despite all its accolades, the Outlook email client still suffers from glitches that can make life difficult for...

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7 Useful Ways to Fix Outlook Error 0x80004005

At times while attempting to send or receive emails in Outlook you may come across the Outlook Error 0x80004005. In this article, we would offer you 7 useful ways to resolve this error in a quick time. When it comes to desktop-based email clients, the MS Outlook application has an enviable reputation. It continues to be used by enterprises across the world that rely on its rich feature set for communication and collaboration. At the same time, average home users and small business...

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