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3 Solutions when ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT

While attempting to repair a corrupt PST file with the ScanPST utility, you may at times receive an error that mentions that ScanPST failed to Add Row to the FLT. Let’s understand the key causes behind this error and look at 3 solutions to quickly resolve this issue. The MS Outlook application has a propensity to occasionally trip up and crash. When the Outlook application crashes or encounters a debilitating error, the underlying PST file can get corrupted. To recover the corrupt PST...

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3 Ways to Fix Unknown Error 0x80070002 in Outlook

While working with the Outlook application, you may at some point encounter an unknown error 0x80070002. In this article, we discuss 3 ways to comprehensively fix this issue. Since it was first released in 1997, the MS Outlook application has managed to earn kudos from businesses of all sizes. From large companies who use it today for team collaboration to small businesses who depend on it for managing their customer data; Outlook has something to offer for everyone. Yet this...

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4 Ways to Fix “The Path Specified for the File is not Valid” Error in Outlook

While attempting to open the MS Outlook application, you may at times receive an error that mentions that the path specified for the file is not valid. In this article, we have listed four effective ways to address this issue. Most experienced Outlook users are aware of the fact that Outlook stores all its data in a PST file when they are using it without an Exchange backend. This is typically the case when we access Gmail or Yahoo Mail using the POP3 protocol. In some...

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