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2 Quick Methods to Print the Attachment Lists of Multiple Outlook Emails

Sometimes, you'll need to extract and print the attachment lists of multiple emails. In this article, we will teach you 2 methods to get it. If you receive several emails with multiple attachments for your references, you may want to print out these attachment names. In this situation, how can you get it in bulk? Thereinafter, we will teach you 2 ways to quickly print the attachment lists only of multiple Outlook emails. Method 1: Print & Copy Attachment List in Rich Text Format At...

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7 Advantages & Disadvantages of DIY Data Recovery

When encountering data corruption, you will definitely want to attempt DIY data recovery by software. Yet, in some cases, such recovery will not always be successful. Now, this article will expose 7 pros and cons of DIY data recovery. For instance, if your Outlook data file becomes compromised, you would hope to recover Outlook data. Under such a circumstance, you must consider to apply DIY data recovery software in the first place, instead of resorting to expert recovery service. In...

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3 Quick Methods to Export Your Outlook Calendar to a Word Document

Many users hope to export Outlook calendar to a Word document. Therefore, in this article, we will expose 3 easy and rapid approaches to realize it. In Outlook, it is simple to export the list of calendar items to an external file, no matter to Excel file or Word document. Yet, most of time, what you want to export is the calendar, which is admittedly not as easy as exporting item list. Hence, thereinafter, we will teach you 3 easy workarounds to realize it. Method 1: Insert Screenshot...

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