How to Exclude Specific Audiences from Google Ads Campaigns

With Google Ad Editor, you can easily do so. See this article for more detailed information. However, in web interface, it is not so easy. Please follow the steps below: In "All Campaigns" level, click "Audiences" in the left panel. In the right part, in "Demographics" section, select the wanted demographics, such as "Age", then click "Show Table" in the bottom. Then, in the top-right corner of the table, click "More ..." and then select "View Exclusions": 4. Then you...

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How to Turn off the Gmail Spam Filter?

You can do as follows to turn off the spam filter in Gmail completely: Login Gmail. Click the Show search options icon in the top search box. 3. In the pop-up dialog, input -me in the From field, so that messages sent by yourself will not match this filter. Otherwise, they will be put under both Inbox and Sent labels. 4. In the Doesn't have field, input a random word that will never appear in ANY message. For example, I choose the following...

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How to Split Your Large Files Easily and Efficiently

Some people often get frustrated when they try to send a file and they fail to succeed because the file is too large. What those people don’t know is that it is easy to split such a file into smaller-sized files, and this article sheds some light on file splitting. When you have a large file which you have failed to upload to the internet or are unable to send as an attachment due to its size exceeding the permissible limit, you have two options to choose from to alter that...

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