Data Recovery

How to Read and Analyze Deadlock Logs in SQL Server

It is a well-known fact that deadlocks cannot be avoided. It is necessary that we learn to minimize deadlocks from our SQL server environment. Trace flags enable you to capture deadlock graph in the SQL Server Error log. In this article, we will learn how to get the deadlock history from that log. Deadlock Deadlock occurs when there is more than one session competing for a resource. When a deadlock occurs, SQL Server immediately jumps into action by killing one of the session and that session...

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How to Batch Change the Cases of All Contacts’ Full Names in Your Outlook

Perhaps you’ve discovered that your contacts’ full names are in various cases. If you would like to batch change the cases of contacts’ full names, you can use the method introduced in this article. Sometimes, you may find that the formats of many contacts’ full names are multifarious, such as non-uniform cases of full names. For instance, you must prefer “John Smith” instead of “john SMITH”. Therefore, here we will teach you to batch change the cases of all contact’s full...

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6 Common Signs Indicating Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

If a hard drive contains too many bad sectors, you will suffer a variety of troubles in dealing with the drive data. Therefore, this article will expose you 6 common signs indicating bad sectors on hard drive. You should pay attention to these signs. As mentioned in my previous post - “6 Common Problems Caused by Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive”, a sector on a hard drive refers to a small container for storing data. Therefore, if a sector becomes bad, the data stored in this sector will...

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