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4 Typical Issues One may Experience while Using Templates in MS Access

In this article we look at several issues one might experience while working with templates in Ms Access. MS Access provides its users with multiple database template options to choose from. The effectiveness and accuracy of all templates depends on multiple reasons. If you find the kind of template you are looking for, and it matches your use and needs, you will save on a lot of time. And if you come across a template with low professionalism, lack of accuracy and outdated processes, you...

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How to Scan and Get Log Shipped Databases in SQL Server

"Log Shipping Alert" is a job category that is created on the SQL Server instance whenever the log shipping is enabled on a database. Though this might seem to be an easy way to identify if log shipping is running on a particular SQL server, through TSQL we can scan the entire SQL Server environment to identify databases that are participating in Log Shipping. 2 tables Log shipped databases can be easily identified using two tables in msdb database. The first table is the...

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How to Auto Link Appointments with Related Contacts in Outlook

Outlook permits users to link any items with any contacts. Now, in this post, we will make this feature much more intelligent. It will auto identify the related contacts from the new appointments and link them. As normal, to link an appointment with contacts manually in Outlook, you should firstly enable “Show contacts linked with the current item” feature in “Outlook Options”. Then, after opening an appointment, you will see a “Contacts” button at the bottom. You can click on...

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