Data Recovery

5 Effective Ways to Check the Health of Your Mac’s Hard Drive

Hard drive is a greatly important component of a computer, no matter Windows PC or Mac. Yet, every hard drive will fail eventually. So as to protect your Mac data, you have to check the health of internal hard drive. This article will teach you 5 means. It’s an unquestioned fact that hard drive will definitely fail finally with time going on. It doesn’t matter whether your Mac is equipped with a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). Once your Mac’s internal hard drive...

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5 Useful Solutions to “Partition failed” Error on Mac System

Have you ever encountered the “Partition failed” error message on Mac system? It always occurs when you try to partition a hard drive. Generally, this error indicates file system issues on this drive. Now, this article will share you 5 solutions. Mac system permit users to create several hard drive partitions in order to store different types of data in different partitions. You can resize existing partitions or create new partitions based on your personal needs. However, in this...

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How to Let Outlook Prompt for Target Calendar when Saving a New Appointment

Many users hope to gain more initiative in Outlook, such as being able to select a target calendar folder when creating and saving a new appointment. In this article, we will make this come true with VBA. By default, when you create and intend to save an appointment, Outlook will auto save it to either the default calendar or the currently opened calendar. However, sometimes, maybe you would like to manually select a target calendar. Obviously, Outlook doesn’t provide such a feature. But...

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