Data Recovery

How to Quickly Archive All Expired Emails in Your Outlook

Outlook permits users to set expiry time for emails. Such emails are shown in grey strikethrough font. If you wish to quickly archive all the expired emails, you can use the method introduced in this article. You can set any expiry time for any emails in Outlook. Once expire time is passed, the emails will be marked as expired with a grey strikethrough. In this scenario, it is always suggested to quickly archive them as they are probably not useful any longer. Archiving them can reduce the...

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4 Quick Methods to Repair Incorrect Disk Permissions on Mac System

Disk permissions on Mac system are actually file or folder settings that impact data read and write, program running and so on. So, it is serious that the disk permission is incorrect. Now, this article will expose 4 rapid ways to repair disk permissions. Permission system is the way Mac system utilizes for data security. For instance, any applications are unable to modify the system files without permissions. Also, if Mac has several user accounts, permission system will keep every user’s...

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5 Solutions to “Invalid B-Tree Node Size” Error on Mac System

Have you ever failed to verify a hard drive with an "Invalid B-Tree Node Size" error message on Mac system? It indicates that the hard drive is seriously corrupted. Now, in this article, we will introduce 5 solutions to this problem. In order to protect hard drive data from being corrupted, it is recommended to keep checking the health of the drive. As mentioned in my previous article - “5 Effective Ways to Check the Health of Your Mac’s Hard Drive”, you can use Disk Utility to verify...

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