Data Recovery

7 Solutions to “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” Error on Mac

"The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" error message generally occurs when you attempt to access an external hard drive on a Mac. This article will focus on this issue and share 7 optional solutions with you. Some users are complaining that they fail to access an external hard drive on the Mac with an error message thrown out, mentioning “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer". In this case, you will be unable to access the data in this drive. To be...

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How to Auto Remove Canceled Meetings from Your Outlook Calendar

You may have noticed that the canceled meetings will still exist in your calendar. It demands you to remove it manually, which is too troublesome. Thus, you must wish that Outlook can auto remove canceled meetings. This post will help you realize it. Actually, my previous article - “How to Remove Canceled Meetings from Outlook Calendar Tactfully” has introduced few tips to delete canceled meetings manually. Also, in the last section of that article, there is a way to let Outlook auto...

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How to Get Warned If There Are Too Many Unread Emails in Your Outlook Inbox

Some users wish that Outlook can warn you if there are too many unread emails in their inbox, including the subfolders. Though Outlook does not offer such a function, it still can be realized with VBA code. This article will show this code to you. At times, owing to your busy schedules, you may leave a great number of unread mails in your Inbox. With more and more emails accumulated, dealing with them later will be a quite tedious and troublesome task. In this case, you may hope that Outlook...

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