2 Methods to Sort Alphabetically by Last Names in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will provide you with 2 methods to sort alphabetically by last names in your word document.

Basically, we are not alien to the “Sort” feature in Word. It helps us a lot in setting numbers and paragraphs in a particular order. And today, we will bring the topic of sorting alphabetically by last names if they are in sequence of: first name, last name. Obviously, you will not succeed in trying in usual way. While if you take our 2 ways introduced in the following content, you will be able to fulfill this task easily.

Now follow us on the coming methods.

Method 1: Set Options in “Sort” Feature

  1. First thing, select all names you need to sort.
  2. Secondly, click “Home” tab.
  3. Thirdly, click “Sort” in “Paragraph” group to open the “Sort Text” dialog box.
  4. Next, click “Options” button on the left-down side of the box.Select Names ->Click "Home" ->Click "Sort" ->Click "Options"
  5. Now you will open the “Sort Options” dialog box. By default, the “Tabs” is selected under “Separate fields at”. You need to select “Other”.
  6. Then clear the text box right next to “Other” and press key “Blank” once.
  7. Next click “OK”.Choose "Other" ->Click "OK"
  8. Now go back to “Sort Text” dialog box. Choose “Word 2” for “Sort by”.
  9. And choose “Text” for “Type”.
  10. Then choose a sorting order.
  11. Lastly, click “OK” to save change.Choose "Word 2" ->Choose "Text" for "Type" ->Choose a Sorting Order ->Click "OK"

Here is what you will achieve:Effect

Of course, you can also separate the first name and last name with tab or comma. But that means you have to use “Tab” to align names or put a comma between the first and last name, which shall cost you extra time. Since in most cases, people   add a space between the first and last name as they type, the 11 steps listed above shall be the most convenient way.

Method 2: Convert Text to Table

The second method is to convert text to table, and we sort names by column.

  1. To begin with, select all names.
  2. Then click “Insert” tab.
  3. Next click “Table” in “Tables” group.
  4. On the drop-down list, choose “Convert Text to Table”.Click "Insert" ->Click "Table" ->Click "Convert Text to Table"
  5. Now in the “Convert Text to Table” dialog box, input column number first.
  6. Then select “Other” under “Separate text at”.
  7. Enter a space in the text box right next to “Other”.
  8. And click “OK”.Input Column Number ->Choose "Other" ->Type a Space ->Click "OK"
  9. Now you have converted text to table. Click “Layout”.
  10. Then click “Sort” in “Data” group.
  11. And in “Sort” dialog box, choose “Column 2” for “Sort by”.
  12. Then, choose “Text” for “Type”.
  13. Choose a sorting order next.
  14. Next, click “OK”. You can see the names have been sorted correctly, and the first column also changes.Click "Layout" ->Click "Sort" ->Choose "Column 2" ->Choose "Text" for "Type" ->Choose Sorting Order ->Click "OK"Effect of Using Table
  15. Then you have to convert table back to text. Make sure you have selected the table and then click “Convert to Text” in “Data” group.
  16. In “Convert Table to Text” dialog, choose “Other” and input a space in the text box.
  17. Then click “OK”.Select Table ->Click "Convert to Text" ->Choose "Other" ->Input a Space -> Click "OK"

Comparatively speaking, this method is a bot complicated. But it can still get the job done.

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