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How to Quickly Export All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email to a PowerPoint Presentation

Some users would like to use the image attachments of a receive email to make a PowerPoint presentation. In this case, they want to quickly export these images into a new PPT file. Here we will introduce an approach to achieve this rapidly. My previous article “How to Quickly Export All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email to a PDF File” has introduced a quick means to combine pictures into a PDF file. Similar to that, many users hope to swiftly export such images into a PPT file in...

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How to Get Warned before Opening Emails Attachments from Unknown Senders in Outlook

In order to protect Outlook data against virus attacks, it is always suggested not to access unreliable email attachments. Now, this article will share a way which can make Outlook warn you before you read attachments from unknown senders. Nowadays, viruses become increasingly rampant and complicated. For instance, email borne viruses have been one of the most common kinds of viruses. Hence, as a type of email client, Outlook is surely a victim. Therefore, you should beware of all potential...

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How to Avoid Unexpected Blank Forms in MS Access

In this article we will look at chasing down the causes of unexpected blank form and then look at workarounds to resolve such issues. Often MS Access forms present a picture which a user doesn’t want to see when working on a deadline – a blank page with no controls or data in the design view. Sometimes MS Access forms entire detail section disappears, showing nothing but white blank space. An empty form does nothing but confuses and frustrates the users. This puts a pause on their...

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