Data Recovery

5 Common Reasons That will Corrupt Your PowerPoint Files

This article examines various reasons your PowerPoint presentation can get corrupted and offers a quick way to fix the problem. MS PowerPoint comes in handy when preparing presentations. When .ppt files get corrupted and consequently become unrecoverable, you can lose a lot of time trying to redo your presentation. It is therefore wise to take precautions to minimize the impact of pptx file corruption and losing your files. How Your PowerPoint Files Can Get...

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4 Effective Tips to Recover Outlook Data if You Delete PST file by Mistake

Discover four handy approaches for salvaging your Outlook data in cases where your PST file gets deleted by accident. Client email software allows companies to communicate and share information easily. One of the commonly used applications for email communication around the world is MS Outlook Most people prefer this application because it is easy to use and allows you to organize your work. When users delete their mailbox data accidentally and only realize this when they have...

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How to Fix “Can’t move the items. The item could not be moved” Error in Outlook PST files

Find out the likely causes of Microsoft Outlook error “Can’t move the items. The item could not be moved." and various procedures for fixing it. Users may experience the "Can’t move the items. The item could not be moved." error when trying to transfer PST files from one folder to another. There are various reasons that can cause this error and several procedures for fixing it as described below. What causes this error Once PST files become corrupt, it is not easy to access...

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