Data Recovery

How to Fix Corrupt Zip Files and Minimize Data Loss

In this post article, you will learn about the infallible tips on how to handle corrupt Zip files effectively so that you can minimize data loss. Zip files provide for an efficient way to compress data. Compressed files are easy to share and store because of their reduced size. Unfortunately, Zip files can get corrupted and become inaccessible. But with the following tips, you will handle the documents in Zip files successfully and ensure your information is secure. For starters, if...

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How to Fix the Problem that Outlook Crashed Unexpectedly

In this article, you will find some insights on the various reasons why MS Outlook might crash unexpectedly and what to do to solve the problem. If your Outlook keeps on crashing now and then, it is an indicator that there is something preventing it from running properly. Several issues can cause this application to behave this way. Here is a look at some and ways to solve the problem. What causes Outlook to crash? MS Outlook can crash because of add-ins, corruption of PST file,...

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3 Solutions to Fix Outlook Error 0X800CC0F

Find out how to diagnose MS Outlook error 0X800CC0F and proven ways to fix the problem quickly so that you can restore operations in your business. Imagine a situation where you need to send very important business communication but you cannot do so because MS Outlook keeps on giving you error 0X800CC0F every time you try. To make the matters worse, you cannot access your inbox. This can be extremely frustrating, not to mention the negative implications on your business. This article...

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