File System Recovery

How to Prevent Accidental File Deletion

Human error, accidentally deleting or renaming a file, can cause temporary data loss. This is a common problem if there are many users for a computer. Here are ways that you can protect your files and prevent anyone else from erasing your valuable data. Human error is a common source of data loss. A careless moment can result in files getting lost because the user accidently deleted or name it. If there are more than one people using a desktop or laptop, data can be lost temporarily...

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How to Prevent Logical Hard Drive Failure

A logical hard drive failure prevents you from accessing your files and folders. To ensure that the data loss caused by a logical hard drive failure doesn’t become permanent, it is important to have data recovery programs and backup programs installed. There are two types of hard drive crashes, physical hard drive failure and logical hard drive failures. A physical hard drive failure occurs when your hard drive is damaged and your system cannot boot up. This is a mechanical issue....

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Why You Should Know How to Recover Data

Data recovery is an important part of today's computing industry. With more files leaving the cabinet and going paperless, the demand and importance of data is at an all-time high. Data is sometimes corrupted and cannot serve the purpose it was intended to. In this article, we look at reasons why you need to know how to recover data. You have probably never thought about data recovery as one of the basic computer skills you require, and it might come as a surprise to you that your data is...

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