File System Recovery

3 Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is a serious and common problem faced by computer users. In order to better know how to avoid data loss, we need to be familiar with the three common causes of data loss. It is important to be prepared to act quickly to recover lost data. Data loss is a serious problem that many people face in both their personal lives and their professional lives. Losing files represent a loss of both time and money for businesses and can cause emotional distress as well. Data loss happens...

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Tips for Successful Recovery of Lost Files

This article takes you through the process of data recovery on lost files and gives some helpful tips for selecting data recovery solutions. Statistics show that data loss is costly and can lead to the collapse of a business. Up to 70% of small businesses that suffer major data loss incidents close shop within one year. Some of the common causes of data loss include human error, software corruption, and physical damage to drives. Data loss cases associated with human errors include...

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5 Tips to Repair the Corrupted Hierarchical File System (HFS) Volume on Mac

If you find Hierarchical File System (HFS) volume inaccessible on your Mac, it’s very likely that you suffer the HFS corruption. This article will look at this issue and offer you 5 related solutions. Hierarchical File System (HFS) is a proprietary file system of Apple, Inc. All the computers which run on Mac OS must being using this file system. Even though it is indeed robust in some degrees, it still cannot thoroughly immune from errors and corruptions. It can become inaccessible for...

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