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5 Methods to Remove Highlighting or Shading in Your Word Document

In this article, we plan to show you 5 useful methods to remove highlighting or shading quickly in your Word document. Now and then, do you get confused by highlighting and shading in Word documents? They look so much alike that it’s hard for us to tell them apart from one to another. Therefore, we make a comparison of them: Similarity Difference Shading Highlighting Shading Highlighting Both can highlight contents to make them attractive. 1.        Shading can...

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2 Ways to Change the Default Zoom Level of Your Word Document

In this article, there will be 2 different ways for you to change the default zoom level of your Word document to meet your specific need. Generally, Word displays the document zoom level at 100%. This is a broadly accepted setting. However, situation varies from case to case. Let’s say, you have certain requirements for document font, such as the size, yet you just want things look bigger on your screen. Then altering the zoom level shall be helpful. Or sometimes due to different...

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6 Quick Ways to Get the Full Path of Your Word Document File

In this article, we will talk about 6 quick ways to help you with viewing and getting the Full path of your Word document file. From time to time, there is the need to view and get the full path of a Word document. For instance, you are working in a team, and you may need to share files with your colleagues. Then make the file path clear to see can greatly improve working efficiency. Or there are times when you need to access to others files stored on the same location where the current open...

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