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2 Quick Ways to Batch Change the Color of Multiple Underlines in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on explaining 2 quick ways to batch change the color of multiple underlines in your Word document. By default, the underline color in Word is set as “Automatic”. But it can be monotonous sometimes. So to both diversify the color set in your document,  and to stand out the important contents, it’s a good choice to change the color of underline. It’s easy to alter the underline color before creating it. Therefore, in the following contents, we would...

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2 Quick Ways to Search for Underlined Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to share with you 2 quick ways to search for all underlined texts in your Word document. A high occurrence of underlines in a Word document is not unusual. Therefore, so many demands relating to the applying of underlines keep coming up. Now let’s take a look at such requests. Find underlined spaces. You may feel at a loss at first thought. But, you can think in this way that when filling an exam in a Word document, you will need to search through the file to...

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3 Ways to Prevent Closely Related Words from Breaking across Two Lines in Your Word Document

In this post, we prepare to demonstrate you 3 ways to prevent closely related words from breaking across two lines in your Word document. Once in a while, when working on a Word draft, we can find that two or multiple related words are forced into different lines due to limited space, such as below: Nevertheless, if you want to keep them together on the same line, there are 3 actual ways which can help you with it. Method 1: Use Non-breaking Space First and foremost, click...

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