Word Document Recovery

2 Handy Methods to Extract Highlighted Texts from Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to show you 2 handy methods to extract highlighted texts from your Word document. Every so often, we are likely to highlight texts with colors when navigating through document. All these pieces of texts may scatter around the whole article but they definitely deserve our attention. Therefore, we can just export and arrange them in another document for quick review next time, saving us from scrolling mouse wheel over and over again. Method 1: Utilize the...

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2 Ways to Insert a New Page after Endnotes in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on 2 useful ways to insert a new page after endnotes in your Word document. Endnotes, as the name suggests, are often placed at the end of a document. There is nothing wrong with that until someday, we find it’s impossible to directly insert a blank page after endnotes to start new contents. This is definitely annoying. Therefore, our 2 methods in this post shall be timely aid for you who are struggling with the matter. Method 1: Use Word Command First if...

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2 Methods to Count the Total Words of One Language in a Multi-language Word Document

In today’s article, we would like to present you 2 methods to count the total words of one language in a multi-language Word document. Once in a while, some of you may have the demand to edit a multi-language Word document. As a result, there will be times you want to do word count for one specific language, but only to find Word unable to perform this task. Then it is out aim to provide you with 2 useful solutions to address such an issue. Method 1: Use “Advanced Find” Option ...

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