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6 Effective Ways to Batch Rotate Multiple Images in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to lay emphasis on showing you effective ways to batch rotate multiple images in your Word document. Besides its excellent ability to deal with words, Word is capable of processing images, too. For example, you can manipulate one image a time via picture tools available in the ribbon. As you know, the built-in function can perfectly satisfy your demand to rotate a single image. Our tips today will enable you to batch rotate multiple images to the same...

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4 Useful Methods to Find and Replace Text in Part of a Word Document

In this document, we are glad to show you 4 useful methods to find and replace text in part of a Word document. Normally, when we do the “Find and Replace” in Word, the effect is globally. So, today we want to offer you ways to find and replace text in part of a document, such as in a selection, a single page or a specific section. Method 1: Utilize “Find and Replace” Feature in a Selection Firstly, select target text. Secondly, press “Ctrl+ H” to open “Find and...

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How to Quickly Convert from English to Metric Volume and Vice Versa via Word VBA

In this article, we are glad to show you how to quickly convert from English to metric volume and vice versa via Word VBA. Conversion between units from either English to metric or vice versa is frequently encountered in daily life. Therefore, you might consider building a volume converter by following steps in this post. Insert a User Form First and foremost, open VBA editor by pressing “Alt+ F11”. Then click “Insert” tab and choose “UserForm” on the drop-down menu. ...

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