Office File Recovery

How to Recover Unsaved or Corrupted MS Office Files

Microsoft Office is a group of application software that primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. Office applications are currently an essential in almost any office desktop and personal computer. This article focuses on how to recover unsaved or corrupted Office files. There are many situations that could lead you to lose your favorite Office software's files. Sometimes, you could lose files from more than one app, especially after a system crash. Whether you're using the Microsoft 365...

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How to Fix 3 Data Loss Scenarios in Microsoft Word

Data loss issues due to faulty Microsoft Word files can be frustrating and stressful. Luckily there are ways to recover lost or corrupted Microsoft Word documents. Check out some of the ways you can lose data from Microsoft Word files and how you can repair them. One of the most commonly used word processing documents out there is Microsoft Word. Because of how common it is, many businesses and individuals store important data on it. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word documents can get...

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How to Repair Damaged Microsoft Office Files

Though Microsoft Office and its programs are great ways to create and store data, the files that contain this data can be damaged. Luckily, there are build-in tools in Microsoft Office that allow you to locate and repair damaged files created using their application. Microsoft Office offers a variety of programs that make work easier. You can create reports on Microsoft Word or enter important data in a spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. You can create and share data with Microsoft Access or...

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