Office File Recovery

How to Recover Unsaved or Corrupted MS Office Files

Microsoft Office is a group of application software that primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. Office applications are currently an essential in almost any office desktop and personal computer. This article focuses on how to recover unsaved or corrupted Office files. There are many situations that could lead you to lose your favorite Office software's files. Sometimes, you could lose files from more than one app, especially after a system crash. Whether you're using the Microsoft 365...

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How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are often used as an alternative to white board and marker presentations. The use of PowerPoint presentations has significantly increased in the last couple of years moving from the boardroom to the lecture hall and now to personal events, such as parties. This article focuses on how to recover PowerPoint presentations. Imagine planning a surprise birthday party for a friend. You create a beautiful PowerPoint presentation with all his childhood pictures and...

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How to Recover Deleted Word Documents

When word files are deleted, it's possible to recover them using data recovery software. If you didn't delete them intentionally, such software can be the optimal choice for you. Read on and learn more. Imagine working on an important Microsoft word document then you accidentally delete it. Unfortunately, you can't seem to locate it in the recycle bin. Such a scenario occurs when you press shift and delete concurrently. Other prompts, such as using the command prompt to delete a file, or an...

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